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Everyone is talking about this historic court case in Norway

The world is watching...

This has been a huge week. We’re bringing climate action to court in a historic lawsuit against the Norwegian government for opening up new oil drilling in the Arctic. 

At the start of the trial on Tuesday, hundreds of people queued up outside the court in Oslo for a free seat to watch the trial unfold. The whole country is talking about it. 


Our story is all over international media and as of last count, more than 460,000 of you are standing with us to ask the Norwegian government to stop allowing new licences to drill for Arctic oil. If you haven’t already, sign your name here

What are people saying? 

“If Sweden can beat Italy in soccer, then we can also defeat the Norwegian government,” said Finn Bjørnar Lund from the Grandparent’s Climate Campaign, an organisation supporting the lawsuit, to Swedish Dagens Nyheter.  

Ketil Lund, a former Supreme Court Judge for 19 years in Norway testified that: “Under article 112 of the constitution ... the Norwegian state has a duty to not hurt the climate.” Lund is more familiar with the Norwegian constitution than most people, and his support is a huge boost to the case.  

Article 112 of the Norwegian constitution states that: “Every person has the right to an environment that is conducive to health and to a natural environment whose productivity and diversity are maintained.”


Source: Reuters

To the BBC, Truls Gulowsen, head of Greenpeace Norway stressed that the world could not safely use all the oil and gas we already know about: "Our main logic here is to address the challenge that the world as such has already found more fossil fuels than the world can already burn, in order to combat climate change within two or 1.5 degrees,” he said.

In French Le Monde he elaborated that the Norwegian government is failing its responsibility at a national and global level when it granted licenses for drilling in the Barents Sea. "The very fact that this decision was announced less than a month after Norway signed the Paris agreement illustrates the schizophrenia of the country on the climate issue." 

To the French news Agency, AFP, Ingrid Skjoldvaer, spokesperson for the co-plaintiff Nature and Youth (Natur og Ungdom), argued that "the Norwegian government, like every government, has an obligation to protect people's right to a healthy environment."

News is spreading in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Russia. UK press is all over the story; in The Guardian, an in-depth piece from The Economist and the Financial Times.  

It has reached the US, with Bloomberg following the case with high attention. In China, the major news agency Xinhua is on the story, and so is Japan’s most followed news site with 80 billion monthly pageviews, Yahoo! JAPAN NEWS

We have the world’s attention. Now it’s up to Norway to act.

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